build the biggest sales machine on the planet

we boost the digital transformation of sellers of the main brands in Latin America



attract more customers to physical and digital points of sale

thousands of salespeople creating content daily for Facebook and Instagram campaigns

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more customer relationship and experience

it's time to connect your brand with the local audience

local pages connected with marketing

content with more context and personalization

sales force as a communication strategy


with gerentesdigitais, your brand reaches disruptive scales

from a single national campaign to thousands of regional conversations


more context and relationship with the consumer

better shopping experience

proximity and relationship

engaged sellers

sales channel monitoring

connected business

storytelling based on data

R$ 17 invested and 80% of the TV target hit at the weekend

camila sales

gerentedigital magalu avaré


keep a close eye on local actions

analyze, measure and optimize campaigns via gerentesdigitais

approval of the publications

budget management

store performance ranking

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